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Stuttgart, Germany: Places To Stay, Eat, And Things To Do

Considering that in our past few years as nomads we’ve spent the most time in Stuttgart we figured, why not start there? While some people may say Stuttgart is small and quiet, we found that if you take the time to explore there are lots of hidden gems to be found.

Places To Stay: Hotels In Stuttgart

We stayed in Stuttgart for a year! Initially, we planned to rent an apartment but that proved rather difficult to coordinate from the states. We then set our sights on a hotel stay that we thought would be temporary until we arrived in Germany and were able to house hunt in person. Turns out the hotel had everything we needed to survive a year living abroad. To be honest the ease was just too good to pass up.

L to R: Exterior-Front Desk-View from our room 😍

We stayed in a Junior Suite

 It had a living room area, bathroom, and bedroom area. While the only separate area was the bathroom, our room functioned much like a mini apartment.


L to R: Living Room-We created our own makeshift kitchen 🤗

What really made this “stay” was the staff. They were always helpful and attentive which is really saying something seeing as people are constantly in and out of the hotel for numerous events and conferences. Management is also super responsive which trust us is a huge plus when and if things go awry.

The hotel also has onsite restaurants, bars, and cafes which are great for lazy days when you don’t feel like leaving the premises.

Pizza & Pasta - San Marco

The Dubliner

Where To Eat: Restaurants In Stuttgart

We love to eat so after a year in Stuttgart we found quite a few hot spots! We’ll break them down below by meal.


📍 The Gardener's Nosh

Such a charming breakfast/brunch spot. Their menu features so many tasty items. The portions are generous and the vibes are on point.

Our Faves: 

🌯 Breakfast Burrito Bacon

🍟 Crispy Parmesan Truffle Fries

L to R: Crispy Parmesan Truffle Fries, Hummus, Breakfast Bacon Burrito-Back To The Fruits French Toast, Eggs Benedict

📍 Heaven's Kitchen

If you’re looking for vegan cuisine, this spot is an absolute gem. A vast and tasty menu coupled with superb ambiance.

Heaven's Kitchen

📍 Wilma Wunder

Great breakfast spot with lots of options. Perfect location in the city center and outdoor seating!

Wilma Wunder

📍 Jones Vegan Donuts

Jones Donuts Stuttgart Germany

📍 Das Backparadies

📍 Fritz

L to R: Bagel Time w/ Bacon-Strawberry, Matcha Latte

📍 Lumen

Us ordering the full menu at Lumen 😋

Lunch And Dinner:

📍 Abacco's

Our go-to steak spot! If you’re looking for quality steak, look no further. Your steak comes on a stone for you to prepare as you wish. Everything we’ve had there is tasty from the shrimp appetizer to the salad to the desserts. That in addition to the good vibes and ambiance make for a perfect night on the town.

📍 Pan E Vino

If you're in the mood for some superb Italian, this spot does not disappoint. The space itself is charming and cozy; we love how you can see into the kitchen and spy the masterpieces that are being made and get an idea of what you may want. The staff are all friendly and warm. The menu itself is vast and at this point we've nearly tried every item and can attest that they're all delicious. From pizza to pasta to meat to fish there's really something for everyone.

L to R: Spaghetti alla carbonara „originale“, Insalata di polpo con patate e olive nere

Pan E Vino Appetizers

Pan E Vino Main Course

📍 Amici

📍 Balthazar

📍 L'Osteria

L to R: Stuttgart Location, Orechiette Di Manzo Al Limone & BBQ Chicken Pizza, Esslingen Location

Esslingen Location

📍 Ragazzi

Ragazzi, Stuttgart

Things To Do: Places To Visit In Stuttgart

What's any adventure without a little fun? Check out some of our favorite hot spots and events in and around the city.

Attractions and Places to Visit:

📍 Fernsehturm

The perfect way to take in the city from a Birds Eye view. 

View from the top

📍 Schlossplatz

Schlossplatz in the center of Stuttgart became our go to spot in the city. It is the main thoroughfare and honestly Krystina’s favorite spot to people watch. Lovely to sit and enjoy a coffee, cocktail, or even relax on the lawn. It offers shopping, food, a beautiful lawn, and fun nightlife; pretty much everything a newcomer to the city could want.

📍 Teehaus

Found this spot on our walk from the Fernsehturm, so if you’re up for a little hike it’s a nice little adventure. Lovely cafe to enjoy a beverage, a nice snack, and take in the beautiful flowers.

📍 Stadtbibiliotek

The city library is another great stop, the pictures truly speak for themselves as to why this is a must see.

📍 Wilhelma

This zoo and botanical garden are definitely a sight worth seeing. The grounds are huge and filled with gorgeous wildlife and beautiful plants. If you’re around for the holidays, they also have a lovely Christmas Garden!

📍 Sky Beach

If you're looking for a chill secluded getaway, Sky Beach is your spot! They really bring the beach vibes from the sand to the chairs to the music. If you're in search a chill way to wind down your day this is it.

Sky Beach Stuttgart Germany


📍 Weinachtsmarkt

The Christmas market is an absolute treat! All the festive holiday attractions to get you in the spirit and don't forget the Glühwein!

📍 Frühlingsfest

A fun festival where you can enjoy games, rides, carnival style eats, and even an authentic Festhaus!

Wrapping Up Our Stuttgart Adventure: Hidden Gems and Unforgettable Moments

Stuttgart may be known for Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, but there's so much more to discover here. Despite its reputation as a quieter place, if you take the time to explore, you'll find countless hidden gems. Our stay at Dormero Hotel turned out to be perfect, giving us a cozy base to explore the city. The food scene here is amazing, from hearty breakfasts at The Gardener's Nosh to mouthwatering dinners at Abacco's. And let's not forget the incredible sights—taking in the views from Fernsehturm, relaxing at Schlossplatz, and wandering through the Teehaus. Every corner of Stuttgart has something special to offer. So, if you're planning your next trip, consider Stuttgart—you won't be disappointed!



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